Solution for Consolidating Your Debts

Can a real estate loan allow me a debt consolidation? The ease in recent years to contract various credits in view of seemingly attractive offers has tipped many consumers into a spiral often formidable, that of over-indebtedness. Debt consolidation appears as the ideal solution to find a healthy financial situation. The Pedrolino home loan to consolidate its […]

Debt restructuring: The process of refinancing a loan

Credit refinancing is another term for debt restructuring and can thus refer to one or more loans. An additional borrowing is possible in principle. The prerequisite for a refinancing is that the previous loan can be repaid early. This is the case with consumer loans in principle, but often against the payment of a prepayment penalty, the […]

Debt Consolidation: 5 Things that debt collection agencies do not want you to know

It is now known that debt collection agencies use often incorrect means to fulfill their duty. It is therefore very important to know in an accurate manner the limits that these figures can not exceed in the exercise of their attributions. In this way you will know how to defend yourself from credit collection agencies […]