Interest-free loan with lightning fast payment! All interest-free loans at the same place

Interest-free loan with lightning fast payment! All interest-free loans at the same place

The demand for SMS loans is constantly increasing and so is the number of lenders. This is advantageous for you as a consumer as the competition both presses prices and at the same time lenders make special offers for you as a new customer.

Often it can be that you get the first loan interest-free or without any setup fee. Here you can find all new sms loans.

Does sms loan accept payment remarks?


The majority of all lenders today accept one or more payment notes. However, this differs between the different lenders. Some lenders approve a payment note while another approves six or up to ten.

You can find all the lenders who approve sms loans for you who have payment notes by clicking the link!

Are there interest-free loans?

Right now, there are a few lenders who mainly offer new borrowers interest-free sms loans. If you only need a smaller loan and know for sure that you will be able to repay it within a short period, an interest-free loan can be a cheap alternative.

How fast can I get my money?


Normally, the payment is made immediately after your loan application has been approved. If you have applied to a lender using the same bank that you use yourself and make your application during the lender’s payout times, you will have the money in the account within minutes.

In order to get the money paid out directly, it is important that you can identify yourself with some type of e-leg or bankID. This is so that the processing of your loan should proceed as quickly as possible. Here you will find all sms loans with direct payment.

Why should you borrow money without UC?

When you take out a smaller loan that sms loans are often about, it is advantageous to choose a lender where your credit information is not registered. For every registered credit report that goes through UC, you get a worse credit rating, which can lead to difficulties in taking larger loans in the future.

The demand for SMS loans without UC has increased significantly in recent years, which means that you as a borrower have many options to choose from. You can easily find all sms loans without UC by clicking on the link.

Can you deduct the interest on the tax?

Can you deduct the interest on the tax?

All loans including sms loans will be deductible in your tax return. Simply put, you can deduct 30% of the net interest rate. The net interest rate is the plus interest from the savings account and your total interest expense.

The calculation is done automatically and is valid for an entire declaration year.

Most common loan types on the market today?

There are several different types of loans where blanc loans, home loans and sms loans are some examples. Sms loans are today the most popular option when it comes to smaller amounts.

The reasons why the demand for sms loans is so high can be debated, but the number of loans is increasing just as the number of lenders is clearly a growing market.

How do I repay my loan?

When you apply for a sms loan, you also specify how long the repayment plan you want. Normally you will receive the invoice via email or by letter. Many lenders also give you access to a “my pages” where you can see all the information about the loan status and upcoming payments. There you can also see if a deposit has been registered and how much you have left to repay.