Loans without permanent employment

Loans without permanent employment

Obtaining a loan without permanent employment can in many cases be a little complicated as the bank has difficulty deciding what your repayment ability actually looks like. Of course, your other financial situation plays a role as well as what you should actually use the loan for.

However, borrowing money without a permanent job makes everything a little more difficult. For home loans eg. In principle, the bank always requires that the person making an application has permanent employment. An alternative may be to use a so-called co-borrower precisely when it comes to mortgages.

Borrowing money without a permanent job

Borrowing money without a permanent job

In general, it can be said that it is much more difficult to borrow money without permanent employment with one of the larger banks compared to smaller credit companies.

Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that sms and fast loans are very expensive and that interest rates are soaring. Of course, there are lenders who take high interest rates, but the majority of lenders are definitely not more expensive when compared to the larger banks.

Sometimes it can actually be cheaper to take out a fast loan with no fixed income compared to taking a traditional loan. Many lenders have very good offers in general and especially for those who are taking out a loan for the first time. Also keep in mind that you can take out a loan without information with UC if you use, for example, one of the lenders you can find on this site.

Since there are many lenders in the market


Competition is increasing which is good for those who are looking to borrow without permanent employment. The fierce competition for customers means that lenders are basically forced to fight for those who are looking for a loan.

A common example of this is that many lenders offer their first customers a loan for free. No interest rates, no setup fees, no newspaper fees or other hidden fees. You simply pay back exactly the same amount you borrowed, not a penny more.

It may sound strange or maybe quite unlikely but the lenders do this to get you as a customer. The idea is that the next time you need to take out a loan, you should be so satisfied with the lender that you choose to borrow from them again. However, it should be added that the loan is free, if you pay back the amount you borrowed within the deferred term.

Failure to do so may result in different penalties and interest rates. This leads me to the reason why sms have received a bad reputation. No, sms loans are not expensive if you pay according to your installment plan, which you and the lender have agreed on.

However, if for some reason you do not manage your payments, interest rates can increase and a small loan can quickly become expensive. It is therefore of utmost importance that you never borrow more money than you are able to pay back on time.

Loans without a permanent job – To think about

Loans without a permanent job - To think about

Many of the lenders we have listed on this site do not look at your past much, but focus more on how your ability to pay today looks. It is in your favor who is looking to borrow money without fixed income.

This means that even you who have payment notes, need to borrow money urgently with debts, or have debts with debt collection also get a fair chance to actually get your case tried. This also applies to those who may not have a job or do not have a so-called permanent job.

Also, keep in mind that if it is a small amount that you wish to borrow, there are lenders who can offer you a completely interest-free loan. Normally, this must be the first time you borrow from the specific lender and deal with a smaller amount. Important to consider is

Once you find the right lender, the application process often takes no more than a minute. Many lenders also offer that you can login with a bank ID, which makes the loan process even easier. Once you have submitted your loan application, you will often receive an answer immediately. However, this may vary depending on the time of day you make your application.